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Marylebone · Steakhouse · ££££
240 Bewertungen

Über Beast

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3 Chapel Place, Marylebone
London W1G 0BG

Empfehlungen aus der Küche



King Crab & Foie Gras Gyoza

With hoisin and teriyaki dip
£ 14.00


With miso tomato sauce
£ 13.00

Shrimp Tempura

Gochujung chilli mayo, guacamole
£ 12.00


USDA Nebrasca - Bone-in-Ribeye / Bone-in Sirloin

From 100g
£ 9.00

Basque Spain - Chateaubriand

From 100g
£ 13.00

King Crab Legs and Claws

Price per 100g (Minimum order 400g)
£ 18.00

Whole Maine Lobster

1 kilo
£ 55.00
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240 Beast Bewertungen

Michael M.vor 6 Tagen · 1 Bewertung

Amazing service and overall setting. The food was superb, the crab legs were the star and fun breaking them open. The porterhouse steak was devine, 800g for two plus the crab was just right. The peanut parfait dessert also deserves a mention, if you like peanuts, this is for you.

Monica D.vor 7 Tagen · 3 Bewertungen

Great, as usually. Amazing food and really good service, very attentive and professional Lithuanian waitress. Will definitely come back soon. Good atmosphere and music as well.

leyla s.vor 10 Tagen · 1 Bewertung

Love the atmosphere would recommend for groups more than three. Been there several times now and would definitely go back again but only for special occasions as it's very pricey.

Chris B.vor 10 Tagen · 1 Bewertung

Excellent all round. Great cocktails, great food, great win list, great service, great decor. Highly recommend this fine place to everyone who has the opportunity to dine here.

Lauren P.vor 6 Monaten · 1 Bewertung

The overall experience at Beast was faultless. From cocktails as we arrived, served by friendly staff, to walking down the stairs past all the crab tank, air dried meats and bar you are led into the amazing dining area where all tables are lit by small candelabras. Beast definitely has wow factor and it great if you are trying to impress! The service was attentive and knowledgable and the food was by far one of the best meals I've had. Cannot recommend this restaurant highly enough, however the bill is not for the faint hearted. Very expensive, but worth it!

Eurico B.vor 5 Monaten · 3 Bewertungen

Overall an amazing experience at The Beast. My partner and I truly indulged on our shared 600g of Galician Chateaubriand steak done medium rare. The oysters for starters were fresh. Our Thursday night dinner had a great ambience. We liked the decor of the restaurant and the staff were polite and engaging. The service was straightforward and not overpowering, with our dishes coming at a timely order. The only dish that we didn't enjoy is the crab and foie gras gyoza, the foie gras simply masked any sweetness and shellfish flavour that we should have got from the crab. This made the gyoza taste quite bland and the texture a bit heavy. The presentation of the gyoza was also amateurish, just looked like 3 dumplings sliding around a big plate. Apart from that I would definitely return for steak but actually I am planning to return for the shellfish! My dinner rating is more 5.5 out of 6.

Sylvia E.vor 7 Monaten · 7 Bewertungen

Beast was amazing! Our wine & sommelier were very knowledgable when choosing the wine & what we wanted. To eat we had the wagyu starter, burrata & gyoza. All were delicious. For main we had the delicious truffle chips, the king crab claw & legs that were super fresh & buttery. The ribeye was incredible from the ex dairy cow & chateaubriand really tender. We also had grilled hipsi cabbage & amazing cauliflower carpaccio too. The creme brûlée was lovely but the showstopper dessert was the mini doughnuts. The only thing was the service was a bit slow, once you had ordered they disappeared for a while. Otherwise I would highly recommend and definitely go back.

imgRebecca C.vor einem Jahr · 2 Bewertungen

The setting of Beast is one that has become increasingly popular recently. Simple menus with decadent choices based around meat and in this case shellfish too. The decor is inviting, the atmosphere is somewhat lacking though due to the style of tables. The menu is misleading, although advertised is the cost of the meat or shellfish per 100g, you can't choose your cuts, as the smallest they will allow you to order is 500g minimum, very disappointing and misleading. Too add to this, a lot of cuts and grams were sold out, on a Friday night! In their quest to be at your every whim, the staff are overbearing, constantly hovering. My friend and I felt there was a third person in our conversation as the waitress was never further than 4 feet away wanting to pour more wine after every sip. It made us feel quite uncomfortable. The food, was exquisite, somewhat overpriced yet astounding flavour and quality. It's a shame that somewhere with so much potential is let down by the aforementioned issues.

TUI D.vor 8 Monaten · 1 Bewertung

First things first. Beast is very expensive.No doubt about it. It's expensive. That said, the crab and steak are absolutely delicious. Cabbage and chip side orders also very good. I would recommend skipping starters and having the king crab as your first course and steak with sides as second. We had the Galician and it's one of the best steaks I've ever had.

Fredrik S.vor einem Jahr · 1 Bewertung

Cool atmosphere Good start with a nice drink in the bar, the bartenders knew what they were doing The food is rather expensive but if you're inte food and want to try the best thing , more than just a dinner you should come! We had the octopus as a starter, never had a octopus that well cooked. No rubber here! We had the Australian beef which was the best meet I've ever had! It truly melted in the mouth The truffle chips was extraordinary!! At this point we were really full but we wanted to try the desserts to, what could go wrong? Nothing Pistachio tiramisu - wow.. WOW Go and see for yourself! It's worth the money!

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